Mixed media campaign aimed at 50 year old women, celebrating the use of umbrellas, for a brief entitled 'make the unremarkable remarkable'. 
The campaign aims to celebrate ‘imaginative’ uses of umbrellas and use them to empower 50 year old women who may be feeling ‘old’ and ‘grey’. The concept of reinventing the use of an umbrella also reflects the new found freedom of many 50 year olds whose children are beginning to leave home, giving them a new lease of life or chance to reinvent themselves.
Press ad to be put in The Times newspaper and Good Housekeeping magazine
Mock up of press ad in The Times (left) and Good Housekeeping (right)
Web ad for Amazon - ad would expand when moused over/scrolled past (as illustrated by preview on right)
Animation Storyboard:

Animation would be posted and shared on Facebook
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